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Strojírna Novotný s.r.o.
is a machine-engineering company.

The company is specialising in the manufacture of weldments, loaders, and forwarders.

The company, established in 1991, has two production plants in the Czech Republic, situated approx. 5 km from each other. The Dubicko plant produces weldments for loaders and additional equipment mainly for the German company Weidemann, partly also for our own production.

The Vitošov plant specialises in the assembly of our own machines. On 1 Jan 2011 the company transformed from a physical entity to a limited liability company.

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Why buy NOVOTNY equipment?

1Very good terrain capability

Very good terrain capability and maneuverability. Thanks to the 8x8 wheel drive and lockable articulated joint, the Novotny forwarder can also work in the most challenging terrain.

2 Low pressure on the soil

Thanks to the light weight and compactness of the Novotny forwarders, the pressure on the ground is minimal and evenly distributed. This ensures the preservation of forest vegetation and avoids deep tracks.

3Highly durable Cummins engines

Clean, efficient, reliable and long-lasting Cummins engines can be found on different machines almost anywhere in the world. Buses, dumpers, cranes, loaders, graders, excavators, locomotives, underground equipment, cogeneration plants, passenger trains, ships, barges, trucks ...

4Best price-quality ratio

Novotny forwarders use only reliable and durable technological solutions. Fast spare part delivery, maintenance and repair service throughout Estonia, and Novotny's manufacturer-level support ensure the best value for money for our machines.


Taker Trailers is a trademark of Kitmari OÜ, which was founded to promote the imports and sales of Zavod Kobzarenko trailers and Strojírna Novotný loaders and forwarders in Estonia.

Kitmari OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital, founded on June 20, 2003.
The company started its operations transporting concrete, which in a few years time lead to a partnership with Salo Machinery OÜ.
The company also started selling the concrete equipment of the Italian company Sermac in the Baltics and Finland. In addition to sales, Kitmari also provided maintenance services for concrete equipment in partnership with companies from different countries.
After the collapse of the building industry, we have focused on green energy, and since then, in cooperation with Salo Machinery OÜ, the company is the representative of the Austrian Eschlböck Biber woodchippers. Kitmari OÜ sells woodchippers and carries out maintenance services in the Baltics.
With several maintenance and repair partners in different countries, we have been able to provide prompt repairs and fast delivery of spare parts.
Eschlböck Biber woodchippers are known for quality and reliability throughout Europe.
Since November 2017, OÜ Kitmari has been the official representative of the Zavod Kobzarenko plant, the largest trailer manufacturer in Ukraine, and the sole importer of its products in Estonia.

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