Water Tankers and Spreaders


Slurry or water tankers: VNC-6, VNC-8, VNC-10, VNC-12,5, VNC-16

The tank of VNC-6 is 4 mm, and the tank of VNC-8, VNC-10, VNC-12,5 and VNC-16 is 5 mm thick and covered with anti-corrosive paint. The tank has two 2'' windows in diameter, 3 flanges (on both sides and rear position), 6-meter PVC pipe Ø 150 mm (6''; model VCN-6 4'' or Ø 101 mm) and clamps to secure the pipe, mechanical safety valve for side openings and hydraulic safety valve for rear opening, Ø 150 mm (model VCN-6 Ø 101 mm), two loading slots Ø 550 mm (top and rear). The tank is equipped with an automatically lubricating vacuum pump MEC 8500 (8 500 l / min), pressure, vacuum and pump safety valves, Ø 100 mm vacuum and pressure gauges and a tank cleaning device. The trailer has traffic lights, pneumatic brakes, Ø 90 mm towing ball and ladder.
Optional equipment include a fertilizer spreader (moves up and down, from right to left), a hydraulic top hatch, a tank with a bottom mixer, shredder, Ø 40 or Ø 50 mm drawbar eye, plugs for 5 pairs of hydraulic connections, a cardan (Bondioli & Pavez), a cultivator coupling and a soil transfer device (with a shredder or a crusher).

Specs for tankers VNC-6, VNC-8, VNC-10, VNC-12,5, VNC-16

Capacity, m 3681012,516
Axles111 (tandem)2 (tandem)2 (tandem)
Tires16,5/70-18 550/60 R22,5550/60 R22,5560/60 R22,516,5/70-18 500/60 R22,5550/60 R22,5
Pump power, l/h6 0008 0009 0009 00012 000
Maximum operating weight, kg8 50011 00014 00015 00021 200
Tank dimensions, mm1400x40001600x40001600x50201600x66001900x6000


Mineral fertilizer spreaders: RMD-6, RMD-8, RMD-12, RMD-16, RMD-20

The walls of the mineral fertilizer spreader have a big angle of inclination, which ensures the flow of the fertilizer even when working on steeper surfaces. Wide tires reduce soil compression and provide better permeability. Stainless spreading disks (adjustable blades, Rauch, Germany) are driven by the trailer’s wheel, by hydraulics, or in case of a higher norm – PTO.
The hydraulic equalizer (Bondioli Pavesi, Italy) ensures a constant speed of the spreading discs - irrespective of the speed of the PTO shaft or speed, the required rotation speed is ensured. The discs can be ordered Ø 400 mm or Ø 600 mm to ensure a uniform distribution of fertilizer (up to 24 m). The fertilizer norm is regulated by means of a hydraulic hatch and transported through a chain conveyor. The construction of both the conveyor and the spreading discs ensures that chunks of fertilizer are crushed into granules but leaves granules intact.
The trailer has either pneumatic or hydraulic brakes, Ø 50 mm towing eye, and the drawbar has a mechanical support leg. Stainless steel case, PTO option, a hydraulically driven support leg for the drawbar, and a load cover system can be ordered as extra equimpent.

Specs for mineral fertilizer spreaders: RMD-6, RMD-8, RMD-12, RMD-16, RMD-20

Capacity, m 368121620
Maximum operating weight, kg8 00010 00016 00020 00026 000
Load bearing capacity, kg6 0007 90012 00015 70020 000
Lengths, m5 5005 5007 5007 5008 800
Width, m2 5302 5302 5502 5503 000
Height, m2 1002 4002 6002 9003 000
Load on each tire, kg5 4505 4507 7507 7506 300
Hitch capacity, kg1 0001 0002 0002 0003 000
Spread width, m24. Aug 201824. Aug 201824. Aug 201824. Aug 201824. Aug 2018
Spread density, kg/ha50-10 00050-10 00050-10 00050-10 00050-10 000