Universal Self-Loading Trailers


Universal self-loading trailers: TZP-27 Atlant, TZP-39 Atlant, AZP-46 Atlant

The trailer has the characteristics of several different trailers. The universal trailer can be used as a transport trailer of an ordinary tractor, chaser bin, or as an organic fertilizer spreader. In addition, the universal trailer has other advantages over conventional trailers. A moving tailgate keeps the trailer stable and stops it from tipping over during unloading. Compression allows 30-50% more of silage to be carried by these trailers than by ordinary trailers, and 32-45 m3 load can be unloaded in a room that is only 4.4 m high.
Replacing the tailgate with a spreading device quickly turns the trailer into an organic fertilizer spreader. The spreading mechanism is driven by the tractor's PTO shaft - 540 rpm. The fertilizer spreader is equipped with an overvoltage protection device and the width of the area being spread is more than 18 meters. In addition, it is possible to attach a Ø520 mm grain conveyor with a capacity of 6 tons per minute to the trailer.
The model AZP-46 is a semi-trailer trailer, which can also be connected to a tractor using an accessory.

Specs for trailers TZP-27 Atlant, TZP-39 Atlant, AZP-46 Atlant

ModelTZP-27 AtlantTZP-39 AtlantAZP-46 Atlant
Maximum operating weight, kg 27 00039 83039 200
Unladen weight, kg8 0009 83012 200
Load bearing capacity, kg19 00029 47027 000
Volume, m 327 / 32 (grain/silage)38 / 42  (grain/silage)36 / 50  (grain/silage)
Length, mm9 07011 570
Width, mm2 6942 700
Height, mm3 4313 520
Length of the trailer box, mm7 0509 55010 850
Width of the trailer box, mm2 3002 3002 300
Height of the trailer box, mm1 9502 0002 000
Tyres560/60 R 22,5 või 650/55 R 26,5 või 710/50 R 26,5560/60 R 22,5
Oil, L658090
Necessary power, hp220-250250-300