Round Bale Loaders


Round bale loaders: PT-12, PT-18, PT-24PT

The Zavod Kobzarenka self-unloading bale trailer has been developed to be efficient, economical and comfortable. The self-unloading trailer does not require any other machine to be attached to the tractor to retrieve bales from the field - the entrepreneur saves on the workforce, fuel and machinery costs. Using the lifting device on the side of the trailer, bales weighing up to 600kg with a diameter of 1.2 to 1.8 meters can be conveniently loaded onto the trailer, where a moving panel pushes the bales forward without breakign the bales and makes room for new bales. The trailer has a capacity of up to 1000 rolls per day.

Specs for trailers PT-12, PT-18, PT-20, PT-24PT

Maximum operating weight, kg5350880020000
Unloading weights, kg210028004800
Capacity, bales 121824
Bale diameter, m1,2-1,51,2-1,451,2-1,8
Max weight of the bale, kg3004001000
Length, mm90001022012700
Width, mm265024502 550/3 000
Height, mm122036002 520/4 000
Tires400/60-15,3 (load 2900 kg, 30 km/h) 16,5/70-18 (load 3670 kg, 30 km/h)600/50-22,5 (load 6000 kg, 40 km/h)
Towing eye Ø, mm505090
Breaking systempneumaticpneumatic pneumatic
Dischargingmovable front panel; hydraulic tailgatemovable panel; hydraulic tailgatemovable panel; tipping trailer


Flatbed trailers: PP-9/2 and PP-12/3 reinforced frame

Flatbed trailers are somewhat more versatile than bale trailers. Load straps on the sides of the trailer and the platform extensions are detachable, which allows the trailer to also be used conveniently for the transport of boxes, for example. The platforms of both models can be extended by 3 meters. The factory can also make the platform shorter than the standard length if necessary.

Specs for trailers PP-9/2 and PP-12/3, reinforced frame

ModelPP-9/2PP-12/3 reinforced frame
Maximum operating weight, kg1300021000
Unladen weight, kg40005000
Capacity, bales22-42
Bale diameter, m1,2-1,8
Bale max weight, kg700
Length, mm900012000
Width, mm2 450 (Ø 1,2 bales)/ 3 000 (Ø 1,5-1,8 bales)2 500 (Ø 1,2 bales)/ 3 000 (Ø 1,5-1,8 bales)
Ground clearance height, mm13001300
Towing eye Ø, mm40/50/90
Breaking system pneumaticpneumatic
Power necessity, hp80
NotesLength of platform can be extended by 3mLength of platform can be extended by 3m