Grain Baggers


Grain bagger: ZPM-180

The polyethylene film tunnels are intended for outdoor storage of grain until further processing. Grains with a moisture content of about 18% are retained in a film tunnel for 18 months. The grain bagger is easy to operate - the grain is directed into the hopper located on top of the device, from which it travels into the polyethylene film tunnels with the help of a conveyor. The steel frame with anti-corrosion protection is located on an axis that has no suspension; the tunnel filler aperture has a frame for lifting the tunnel film onto the device.


Grain bagger: ZPM-180P

The ZPM-180P model is also intended to store, for example, haylage, beer byproducts, fodder and also fruit in the film tunnel in the open air. Grain or other stored mass is directed into the hopper of the filler tunnel from which it travels into the polyethylene film tunnel with the help of a conveyor. The model has a removable extra bunker and steel frame with an anti-corrosion protection. The device has one axle without suspension. There’s a hook on the device to lift the film of the tunnel.

Specs for grain baggers: ZPM-180 and ZPM-180P

Unladen weight, kg1 3001 600
Capacity, t/h180 (up to 350)180 (up to 350)
Discharge aperture Ø, mm2 7002 700
Film tunnel Ø, mm2 7402 740
Length, mm4 3504 780
Width, mm3 3603 200
Height, mm3 1002 600
Tires (2)10/75-15,310/75-15,3
Towing hook Ø, mm5050
Power sourcePTOPTO
Necessary power, hj8080
Hopper opening, m1,5 x 2,51,6 x 3,1


Grain loading station: ZRM-180

The ZRM-180 can be used to reload grain and fodder from the film tunnel. The loader winds the film gradually around the roll and reloads the grain with the help of a conveyor. The conveyor moves from the transport position into the working position hydraulically and has a capacity of 180 t / h. The device is made of steel and is covered with anti-corrosion protection. In addition to the loading conveyor, the device has a Ø 300 mm horizontal conveyor and Ø 250 mm extra conveyor to increase grain flow and thus productivity. The film wrapper works with a hydraulic motor and is equipped with a speed controller and a clutch to quickly remove the film. The device can discharge tunnels with a distance of less than 1 m.


Pinnalt koguja: NRU-180

Pinnalt kogujaga on võimalik laadida tervavilja nii kiletunnelist kui ka kuhjast. Seadmel on kaks Ø 250 mm kogumistigu, mille abil on võimalik reguleerida töölaiust 2,1-4,2 meetrini. Kummist serv seadme haarade all tagab viljaterade maksimaalse kokkukorje. Mahalaadimiseks on seadmel Ø 400 mm tigu tootlikkusega 180 t/h. Transpordiasendist tööasendisse liigub mudel kahe hüdrosilindri abil. NRU-180 on varustatud liivaga täidetava vastukaaluga.

Specs for grain loading stations: ZRM-180 and NRU-180

Length (transport), m6 5006 100
Height (transport), m2 3003 600
Width (transport), m2 4502 100
Length, m6 0006 100
Height, m5 3004 200
Width, m6 5002 100-4 200
Discharging height, m4 2004 200
Unladen weight, kg2 9001 950
Capacity, t/h180180
Tow hook Ø, mm5050
Tires (2)400/60 R15,510/75-15,3
Necessary power, hj8080