Forwarder Novotný LVS 520


Forwarder LVS 520

Forwarder for the use in the forestry Novotný LVS 520 is designed mainly for thinning. Low impact on forest ground and standing trees, comfort for operators, low operating costs and high productivity of machine played an important role during construction of forwarder LVS 520. Massive 8 wheeled chassis together with 500 mm tires guarantee high stability and good traction even in the most difficult forest terrains.

Spacious, safety and air-conditioned cabin can rotate some 180° degrees, this together with easy machine operating, colored electronic display and unique view to the working space provide high comfort for operator. Great chassis, Cummins engine with 60 kW output, Sauer Danfoss hydraulic components, SCAD control system from Adcis and Cranab crane FC 45 classify forwarder Novotný LVS 520 to the highest rating in its class.

Forwarder Novotný LVS 511, LVS 520 and LVS 720 specifications

EngineCummins B 3.3Cummins QSB 3.3Cummins QSB 4,5
Engine output57 kW/2500 rpm./min60 - 74 kW/2200 rpm./min97 kW/2200 rpm/min
Volume3300 cm33300 cm3
Number of cylinders44
Fuel tank60 liters80 liters
TiresMitas DT4 FOREST / DelcoraAlliance 331 Forest
Size400/60-15,5 / 500/45 -17,5500/50 -20500/60-22,5 (600/50-22,5)
Width1860 mm2100 mm2200 mm (2400 mm)
Height2960 mm2910 mm3034 mm
Length6950 - 7750 mm7160 - 7960 mm8323 mm
Length of loading area3677 mm (4277 mm)3650 - 4470 mm
Loading area1,8 m21,8 m2
Voltage12  V24 V24 V
Battery100 Ah2 x 100Ah
Alternator90 A120A120 A
Working light8 x 70 W4 x 150W + 2 x 75W8 x 70 W
Heating systemAir condition, water heatingDigital air-condition, water heating
Hydraulic systemBosch RexrothSAUER - DANFOSS Danfoss
Hydrostatic transmissionMax. speed 18 km/hMax. speed 22 km/h
Working pressure19 MPa19 MPa
Driving pressure40 MPa40 MPa
Oil tank90 liters105 liters
Chassis8 wheel drive - bogie axles8 wheel drive - bogie axles8 wheel drive - bogie axles
Loading capacity5000kg5000kg7500 kg
Max reach6,6 m / 450kg6,1 m / 570 kg8,5 m / 418 kg
Crane MOWI P25 / MOWI P 30 / MOHEDA M 40Crane Cranab FC 45 Tele CRANAB FC 53 DT